We write high-quality software solutions and just so happen to be consultants.

Located smack in the middle of Gothenburg, with the world as our laboratory.

We are Primea

It's all about the people

Primea started with the idea of a community rather than a business. It wasn't about reaching a bunch of predefined KPIs, or (to be frank) not even to deliver software solutions to the end-customer. It was about bringing the right people together with whom you can grow, form memories, and level up together with 🍄

Sure, we are software engineers with high standards, and thus write excellent code. In another universe, we might be firefighters or accountants, but even in that universe, we'd sure be the same type of people and mindset.

We choose our colleagues/friends just as much on competence as on social fit. A cOmPaNy CuLtUrE is something that is dictated by the constellation of people within that culture, making it impossible to define by writing a few abstract core values on the wall. So instead of us telling you what we're all about, we'd rather just tell or show you in person. Wanna come over for a coffee, friend? 👇✉️

let's level up

More about us

creating value for companies such as:

Astra Zeneca

competence areas

web full stack

We generally consider ourselves being full stack developers, meaning we can traverse the full stack and generate value end to end. Independent if you're in need of frontend hipsters with CSS in the DNA, or backend gurus that follows the latest trends as well as proven methods, we got you covered.


Scalable cloud solutions go hand in hand with robust web products, that's why knowledge in cloud development is something we hold closely, are skilled at, and continuously keep ourselves updated in. We are certified with major cloud providers and will gladly help take your production builds up to the sky ☁️

mobile apps

Are you in need of experienced developers in native Android and iOS? Maybe cross platform using Xamarin, Flutter or React Native? Or maybe you don't care and just want a great app that works both for Android and iOS independent of implementation? We don't discriminate and use all the major frameworks, as long as it's a good fit for you, your organization and your business needs.

team deliveries

One of our biggest strengths is our wish and willingness to work together. While some teams might be put together just to fill a bunch of vacant positions, we make sure that a team both has the technical know-how as well as the interpersonal chemistry. It's easier to write high-quality software when you're surrounded by friends.

geT in touch! 👋